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Getting Started  

Choosing the proper size aquarium and stand

Choosing the proper heater and air pump/filter

Hoods and lighting

setting up your aquarium

stocking your aquarium


feeding your fish

Live Foods  

brine shrimp


plant section


fish section


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Welcome to Best Fish!

  The best web site on fish!    

    Many people think it is hard and difficult to raise fish but it is not if   you understand how to take care of them. So I have made this web page to help you learn how to take care of your fish better.

    Fish keeping has become a very popular hobby. A properly decorated aquarium helps make a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere away from every day stress.

    Aquariums also have other benefits. Research has shown that people with high blood pressure that have an aquarium have greatly reduce their blood pressure and they help reduce stress. In very stressful environments such as a hospital, veterinarian, and dental offices, an aquarium will help relax the patients.

    Taking care of an aquarium can be a learning experience for the whole family. You can learn from keeping an aquarium, how fish breed and what they need to keep them in perfect health.

    On this web page I will teach you how to raise fish to keep them healthy and live a full life. Now lets learn about fish. Click on one of the categories you want to learn about and well get started.  




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