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Choosing the Proper Size Aquarium and Stand

    The first thing you should do is choose an aquarium. When your choosing an aquarium it is best to get an aquarium bigger than ten gallons because it is easier to maintain a larger aquarium, which would be a greater volume of water and it, would cut down on pollutants like fish waste. A larger aquarium is more forgiving if you make a mistake. Because there would be a greater volume of water, the water would not get polluted easily. Never use a tank that was used for anything other than fish because there will be toxins in the aquarium which would kill baby fish quickly.

    A filled aquarium with decorations and water will weigh about ten pounds per gallon. When you get ready to set up the tank be sure the floor can support the weight.

    Most aquariums available are made of glass sealed with silicone. The aquarium must be supported on all four sides with a flat surface. Before you put the aquarium on the stand make sure the stand doesn't wobble and test the stand by putting weight on it to make sure it won't break. 


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