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Feeding Your Fish

    This is a section that is misunderstood. Some labels on foods will say to feed your fish more than they need and some it is to little. It is impossible to overfeed your fish, you will only overfeed your aquarium which will quickly build up on ammonia. It is important to make sure that your fish are getting the correct nutrients. Some brands of food do not have the correct nutrients so it is important to feed them a variety of foods. If we know how fish live in nature then we will know what exactly to feed your fish and how much. This will all help your fish to be healthy and help encourage them to breed.

Freeze Dried Foods

    One brand of food is freeze dried food like flakes. Freeze dried foods loose their nutrient from being heated. So this food is not that nutritious and if you use this food make sure you use something else more nutritious. Here is a picture of one brand of food.

Frozen Foods

    Another brand of food is frozen foods. This food is very nutritious and will help your fish by preventing them from diseases, this food is better to feed your fish than live foods because the freezing kills all diseases that the food might have, but some live foods are okay to use and if you use them carefully. During the freezing process not all diseases can be killed like fish tuberculosis, but freezing will get rid of most diseases like fungus, the common diseases. Because of the freezing process some of the nutrients will be burnt up but not much.

Live Foods

    This food is the most nutritional food you can offer your fish. Most people like to watch their fish devour live foods like the piranha. Some of these foods include live feeder fish, brine shrimp, and ants. Some of these foods are hard to culture and clean to be ready to eat for your fish. One of the easiest live foods to culture is Brine Shrimp.


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